The attorneys of Hanna & Hanna represent individuals, families, businesses, non-profit entities and municipal bodies with respect to a broad range of legal issues.  The predominant areas of the Firm's practice include:


With our experienced attorneys and dedicated probate paralegal, we provide the diligence and attention to detail required to successfully shepherd to completion a variety of probate proceedings, including administrations of estates and testamentary trusts, guardianships and other related matters.  In addition, we variously represent fiduciaries and beneficiaries in adverse probate proceedings such as will challenges and breach of fiduciary duty and related claims. 

Real Estate

Real estate is often one of the most significant and valuable assets a person can have.  Thus, a knowledgeable attorney to help navigate the myriad legal issues involved in the acquisition, ownership, use and divestment of real property is critical to protecting that asset.  Hanna & Hanna has well-rounded real estate attorneys who routinely handle a broad assortment of residential and commercial real estate matters: sales and purchases; leasing and evictions, on both the tenant and landlord side; commercial development; easements; eminent domain; zoning/re-zoning; tax valuation appeals; financing issues; and more.

Domestic Relations

Family law requires not only the requisite legal experience, but also sensitivity to the emotional aspect of domestic relations matters.  We handle all family law matters--be it divorce, annulment, separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, custody agreements and adoption--with not only skill but compassion and discretion.


Regardless of the nature of the matter or which side a client is on, lawsuits are time-consuming, stressful and expensive endeavors with much on the line.  Such high stakes demand zealous advocacy, and the attorneys of Hanna & Hanna provide it to plaintiffs and defendants in a diverse range of general civil and business litigation matters in courts all over Northwest Ohio and beyond.  At the same time, we understand that our clients' interests are often best served by finding a negotiated resolution that will put an end to the expense, stress and risk of a lawsuit--or even prevent a dispute from turning into litigation in the first place.  To that end, we represent our clients not only in trial and appellate courts, but also by utilizing alternative dispute resolution tools such as mediation, arbitration and informal settlement negotiations.     

Personal Injury

Whether from an auto accident, work place injury, dog bite, or the result of other negligence on the part of another, a personal injury to you or a loved one can often be an extremely traumatic event.  The attorneys at Hanna & Hanna have the negotiating skill and strategic expertise to advocate for your rights and maximize your monetary recovery.  

Criminal Defense

An experienced attorney is particularly important to someone at risk of criminal penalties.  Hanna & Hanna has many years of experience providing criminal defense representation to clients facing both misdemeanor and felony charges, including DUI/OVI and moving violations, domestic violence and assault charges, and theft-based offenses.  In addition, we can also assist clients with related matters such as criminal record expungements. 

Worker's Compensation/ Unemployment Benefits

Few things pose a greater threat to financial well-being than not being able to work.  Whether prevented from employment due to work-related injury or termination without cause, the Firm is adept at helping clients seek and obtain the worker's compensation or unemployment benefits to which they are entitled.

Social Security Disability

When serious injury or illness prevents someone from being able to earn a living, Social Security disability benefits can be critical to maintaining financial stability.  Unfortunately, getting a claim approved for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income can be a time-consuming, difficult process.  Hanna & Hanna assists clients with understanding and navigating that process with the singular focus of getting them the benefits they so need.